Derker Community Centre

We have the opportunity to convert the former Sacred Heart Church building into a Community Centre for the residents of Derker and the neighbouring areas!

Sacred Heart Church
Sacred Heart Church was built in 1952, and extended in 1974.

Our plan

Our plan is to convert the disused church building into a Community Centre to provide much needed facilities in Derker.  A number of possible activities that can operate from Derker Community Centre have already been identified.

These activities will not only enrich the lives of residents they can help to foster a sense of community and bring everyone together post Covid-19.

Community kitchen and café

The community kitchen will operate in two ways; firstly, as a commercial entity offering meals and drinks to users of the community centre, providing an income which can cross subsidise community activities that cannot charge a user fee.

The second, the community kitchen will operate as a teaching facility, where residents can learn how to cook low cost high nutritional meals, using ingredients grown in the community garden.

Lunch clubs

Regular lunch clubs will provide the opportunity for members of the community to come together over food, using recipes from all the differing cultures that now call Derker home.

As well as allowing for community integration to happen, the lunch clubs will also alleviate social isolation and stop people feeling lonely.

Baby groups and parent and toddler groups

There are many families that call Derker home, but there is nowhere for parents to mix together and form new friendships, and to pass on knowledge that could otherwise be lost.

As well as informal meetings, these groups can be used to access a Health Visitor, where they can engage with families where English is not the first language.

Community garden

Part of the grounds can be used as a community garden, where herbs, fruit, and vegetables can be grown for use by community members in the community kitchen, and in their homes.

Where possible, wildlife areas will be planted to encourage bees and butterflies.

Youth club and activities

There are no facilities for young people who are too old to play in Stoneleigh Park, so there is no other option for them other than congregate together, where they are invariably viewed as a nuisance and partaking in anti-social behaviour.

Providing them with a safe space where they can socialise will undoubtedly lead to a drop in reported anti-social incidents. The Police, and other youth services, will also be able to better engage with young people, helping to raise awareness of the dangers of grooming, online bullying, and far right extremism.

Community cinema

Community groups can obtain screening licences to stream current release movies, which can provide a source of income via admission fees, and community café purchases.

This again can foster community cohesion and integration and reduce anti-social activities by keeping young people actively occupied and off the streets.

Community fun days

The adjoining grounds can be used for community fun days, housing bouncy castles and similar stalls, as a fundraising activity and community cohesion activity.

If you want to get involved please contact us